Large Family/Group Sessions - $300 (includes $200 print credit)PRIEST FAMILY GROUP CROPPED 7462

(includes any group of 15 or more.)


Large Family/Group Sessions are $300 and due at the time of service.

Your session includes:

Time and talent of the photographer

In studio or on location

On-line gallery of your proofs (on-line gallery will be available for two weeks for ordering. if more time is needed a $15 activation fee is required for an additional week. if additional time is needed after this period a $15 per day fee is assessed until your order is placed.)

$200 print credit (You may select from a la cart pricing or print packages)

Proofs should be available for viewing on your private on-line gallery with-in a two week period after the session. If additional time is needed for editing the photographer will discuss with you.

With this session please note this also includes not only the large group photo but also any additional smaller groups/family/individual photos that need to be photographed as well. For example, you have a large 18 member family/group. You have smaller family/groups/individuals that make up the whole, the Smith family, Adkins family, Jones family, Brady family, aunt Ruby and uncle Tom. This session covers individual family sessions in addition to the 18 member family/group session. This session type is appropriate only for the day of the session and cannot be spread over a number days. If a family/individual within this group needs to be photographed at another time the "Portrait Session" at $200 is assessed and another session time must be reserved. 

If photos of the smaller family groups/individuals is not needed then a session fee of $200 will be assessed with a print credit of $100.